Judi SabungAyum: Enjoy The Fights Of Cocks

Online Betting is a process in which we risk money for some uncertain outcomes. This process was generated in the year 1994, as online gambling. It is banned in most countries but some countries consider it as legal, such as some states of the United Nations, Canada and also European countries.

Origin And History

Basically in the year 1994, in the island named Antigua and Barbuda first passed the law of Free trade & processing act, which allows a license to the organizations for opening online gambling. Even today betting is done on Horse races, football matches, judi sabungayam, and many more games.


  • Poker- In online poker players play against each other, rather than the in “house poker”. There are two structures of online poker, tournament and cash game.
  • Casinos- Types of online casino games are roulette, blackjack, pachinko and many more. Unlike poker, online casinos are played against “house”.
  • Sports Betting- In sports betting wager is placed for the outcome of sports result. Games like judi sabung ayam, etc.
  • LotteriesGovernment started their own lotteries to avoid competition.
  • UK National Lottery – UK National lottery was developed by Camelot group in the year 1994. Their average sale is over £5 billion.
  • Horse Racing Betting – In the year 1978, horse racing was first made legal under Interstate Horseracing act, which was then amended in 2000s to include the internet as a source of betting.
  • In-Play Gambling – Betting money on online sports betting websites when the game is going on is known as in-play gambling.
  • Advance Deposit Wagering- Advance-deposit wagering is used for horse racing in which the better is funded before the race starts.

Fund Transfer

Usually, the fund is transferred through credit cards, electronic checks, certified checks, money orders, wire transfers and also cryptocurrencies. Electronic money services are often used.

Legal Status

Many of the companies of Antigua and Barbuda have rights to publicly trade on stock exchanges. However, different countries have different .

Let us conclude by the problems-

Problems Of Gambling

A survey in the UK shows that who gambles online(75%) are regarded as “problems” but those who visit legitimate land-based casinos(20%) for gambling doesn’t face many problems.

Money Funding

A survey shows that the funding for gambling done through electronics online are being used by criminals to launder large amounts of money.

Perception Of Players

As it is done online so it is hard for the players to trust the authenticity of the website.