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The Chop Chop Club

Paul Pairet’s restaurant for UNÏCO Shanghai.

“Product driven, boldly essentialist and borderline primitive, The Chop Chop Club is a casual take on global and honest home cooking – The luxury of simplicity!”
— Paul Pairet

Paul Pairet 为 UNÏCO Shanghai 打造的餐厅

“ 发挥食材特性为基础 , 回归料理的本质与精髓 。 The Chop Chop Club  诠释环球舒心美食,以独有风格重现家庭料理的诚挚温馨 —— 体验 简单纯粹中的奢华 ! ”
— Paul Pairet

“The Chop Chop Club, a carvery that twists the format of a restaurant to make it feasible that everyone, even us peasants not accustomed to ordering expensive large-format meats like turbot and côte de boeuf, can have a slice.”

Betty Richardson, That’s Shanghai

“为了在食材最鲜美的一刻奉上餐桌,The Chop Chop Club颠覆传统餐厅模式,提供每日的“出菜程序”,出菜时间会整晚在特大显示屏上滚动显示,所有用餐客人都能密切关注。”

Frances, Luxe – Lifestyle section