A Godfather of Global Dance Music! Louie Vega visited UNÏCO on Friday November 18th to offer a great DJ set, mixing notes of Afro & Latin and pure House infused with Funk, Gospel, Caribbean, Jazz, R&B, Soul.  All the ingredients for an amazing global party!

<< “Louie Vega is a DJ for DJs” >>


But, don’t you assume that the story was smooth as silk! A great DJ and Producer takes deep care even of the tiniest details. Same as great chefs make sure they have an amazing kitchen and the best sportspeople are equipped with the latest innovations, Louie Vega as a World Superstar DJ asks for a proper DJ equipment. And this is the point where the odyssey started, finding the DJ equipment was not an easy task!

It is not available in China!
What? So how are we going to get it? Where is it?
Japan? Or UK? Should we bring it from there?
Cannot we find an alternative? There must be someone who has it, here in Shanghai!!

And we asked the entire Music community in Shanghai, in Beijing, in Hong Kong, even in Tokyo!!! In the end we found it, we have to thanks all those DJs, Musicians, Producers, and friends in the Music Industry who helped us in such a search. And, hey, that possibly helped to make of that Friday night a Music occasion for DJs to gather together in UNÏCO.

Some of them confessed having cancelled their jobs just to come and see Louie Vega in his Live DJ Set in UNÏCO – don´t worry we won´t say names – and quoting one of them: “Louie Vega is a DJ for DJs”

The night was an impressive mix of great sounds from Master Louie Vega, super positive vibes from all the guests who joined us, and a cozy warm weather that surprised all of us out of a sudden in the middle of what it was a really cold week.

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Born in the Bronx (New York) in the cradle of a musically gifted family (his father, a jazz saxophonist, and his uncle, Salsa King Héctor Lavoe). By the 80s he was deejaying in clubs he wasn’t even old enough to attend, holding residencies at iconic landamarks in the New York nightlife scene such as: Studio 54, Devil’s Nest, Hearthrob, Roseland, and the Palladium.

1991 would set a milestone in his career, when teaming up with  Brooklyn-based deejay Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez they created Masters at Work, as they were called, were responsible for the critically acclaimed albums “Nuyorican Soul” and “Masters At Work – Our Time is Coming”. Not to mention the duo found the time to remix and or produce for Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Madonna, Jamiroquai, Tito Puente, India, Janet Jackson, Tania Maria, George Benson, Black Eyed Peas, Jocelyn Brown, Los Amigos Invisibles, Bebe Winans, and Earth Wind & Fire.

<<“By the 80s he was deejaying in clubs he wasn’t even old enough to attend”>>

A master on the decks he is specially praised for his collaboration with distinguished artists and eventually Louie Vega would explore the music industry as a producer creating the label Vega Records. Featuring a roster that included Anané Vega, Luisito Quintero, Elements Of Life (his live band), Mr. V, Boddhi Satva, Hugh Masekela, Roberto Roena, Lisa Fischer, and Cindy Mizelle.