The Roast Chicken does not wait.

Nor does the Charred Lamb shoulder “en cocotte”…or the Braised Snapper.

A Roast Chicken may last 30 minutes before the crunchiness of its skins starts deflating or its juiciness fades out.

It’s an open secret that restaurants sometimes have to prepare individual dishes ahead of time, sometimes hours ahead; once they’ve been prepared, their shelf life is limited.

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The Chop Chop Club prepares entrees timed to perfection, with straightforward hors d’oeuvres, starters and sides; the meal revolves around whole, bone-in cuts, carved at their peak. 

Follow the program

To serve the food at the optimal time, The Chop Chop Club reverses the paradigm of the conventional dining and offers a daily “program”, with cooking time running across big screens through the entire evening for guests to follow – roast chicken ready at 7PM, lamb shoulder at 7:30PM, and so forth.


因为,烤好的鸡肉大概过了30分钟后,表皮就会失去刚烤好时的香脆口感,开始收缩变干,肉汁 也会流失。

餐厅通常会提前准备好每道菜肴,这是业内的通用做法,有时候甚至会提前数小时。一旦菜肴按 此方式准备与烹饪,它们的最佳赏味期也随之缩短。


The Chop Chop Club严格把控主菜的烹制时间,务求达到味觉完美,并以简单鲜明的前菜与配菜搭 配,整个用餐体验围绕着现烤现切、绝佳时刻上桌的主菜设计,一切配合紧密,完美无缺。

为了在食材最鲜美的一刻奉上餐桌,The Chop Chop Club颠覆传统餐厅模式,提供每日的“出菜程 序”,出菜时间会整晚在特大的显示屏上滚动显示,所有用餐客人都能够密切关注——烤鸡19点 烤好、羊肩肉19点30分烤好… 等等。



At the bar

Famous for its cocktail bar,  UNÏCO Shanghai lends its specialty of fresh and creative cocktails to The Chop Chop Club, offering an extensive selection of aperitif, cocktails, wines and champagnes . A new range of bottled cocktails, or ‘B-Ocktails’ have been especially created by Chef Paul Pairet and UNÏCO’s famed team of mixologists.Made daily with fresh ingredients, diners at The Chop Chop Club are able to enjoy B-Ocktails throughout the meal as an alternative to traditional wines and bubbles.

酒吧用餐 以特色鸡尾酒吧闻名的UNÏCO Shanghai,其所带来的新奇创意鸡尾酒也为The Chop Chop Club增色 不少,用餐客人可以点选多种多样的开胃酒、鸡尾酒、葡萄酒和香槟。还有由主厨Paul PairetUNÏCO知名的调酒师团队共同创造的各种每日现调瓶装鸡尾酒(也称作B-Ocktails)。The Chop Chop Club的食客们在享用美食时,可以选择每日现调瓶装鸡尾酒B-Ocktails佐餐,在传统的葡萄酒 和气泡酒之外开启一场味蕾的尝鲜之旅

To celebrate the opening of The Chop Chop Club, ‘The Happy Early Bird’ offers 50% off an extensive selection of aperitif, cocktails, wines and champagnes.

为庆祝 The Chop Chop Club 开幕,“ The Happy Early Bird (欢乐时光早鸟体验惠) ”活动涵盖一系 列开胃酒 、 鸡尾酒 、 葡萄酒和香槟酒选择,半价酬谢来宾