6 Apr

Paul Pairet 

Born and trained in France, Paul Pairet traveled the world – Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta, Istanbul – before landing in Shanghai in 2005.  Being one of the most respected chefs, Pairet has put Shanghai on the international culinary map with his two successful restaurants, Mr & Mrs Bund and Ultraviolet. His latest project – The Chop Chop Club at UNÏCO Shanghai – takes another different spin, expressing the luxury of simplicity with Pairet’s unique idiosyncrasy.

Paul Pairet 在法国出生并接受教育,全球各地都留有他的足迹:巴黎、香港、悉尼、雅加达、伊 斯坦布尔……。2005 年,他来到上海。作为一位备受尊崇的顶级大厨,Pairet 在上海操刀的两家 餐厅 Mr & Mrs Bund和 Ultraviolet大获成功,让这座城市名声大噪,在国际美食地图上占得一席之 地。他的最新杰作——位于 UNÏCO Shanghai 的 The Chop Chop Club,则以截然不同的大胆尝试, 以 Pairet独有风格表达简单纯粹中的奢华。