This week, come and enjoy our new B’Ocktails Kentucky Buck and Samui Colada

These awesome mouth-watering concoctions are bottled up daily. Simply add a little ice and you are ready to go.

馥郁芳香的 B’Ocktails 每日新鲜装瓶。加点冰块,开启你的晚餐之旅。

21 Mar


365 days, 3875 chickens and countless laughter later, The Chop Chop Club officially turned 1 last Friday!
We want to thank you again for your support over last year, and we look forward to having you again.

365天,3785只烤鸡,数不清的欢声笑语,The Chop Chop Club 上周五一岁啦!



UNÏCO Shanghai presents The Chop Chop Club, a new restaurant and carvery by Paul Pairet. Renowned for his creativity and innovation, Pairet showcases the roots of home cooking here, serving dishes at the time of their absolute best. Meticulously selected ingredients are allowed to shine with a minimum of theatrical frills and fuss. The Chop […]

6 Apr

Paul Pairet  Born and trained in France, Paul Pairet traveled the world – Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Jakarta, Istanbul – before landing in Shanghai in 2005.  Being one of the most respected chefs, Pairet has put Shanghai on the international culinary map with his two successful restaurants, Mr & Mrs Bund and Ultraviolet. His latest […]


The Roast Chicken does not wait. Nor does the Charred Lamb shoulder “en cocotte”…or the Braised Snapper. A Roast Chicken may last 30 minutes before the crunchiness of its skins starts deflating or its juiciness fades out. It’s an open secret that restaurants sometimes have to prepare individual dishes ahead of time, sometimes hours ahead; […]