The Carvery


The Chop Chop Club – Carvery by PP

Expect: Roasted leg of Lamb, BBQ piglet, Turbot grilled over an open fire, Salt-encrusted Snapper, pressure steamed Crab, Charred Beef tongue… Products simply cooked at their best, carved over a centrepiece wooden deck, sold on the fly based on a daily program.

Whole pieces of mains are carved and sold whole for the entire table, or portion by portion for smaller parties –  offering a communal and shared dining experience, at odds with the contemporary restaurants’ a la carte service.


敬请期待:烤羊腿、烤乳猪,明火炭烤多宝鱼,海盐烤鲷鱼,清蒸螃蟹,烤牛舌…烹任至完美时 刻,置于中央的木板上现场切件摆盘,按每日出菜顺序出售。

每道主菜或整份切盘奉上给大桌,抑或分成多份让多数小桌共享——如此分享式用餐体验,与照 单点菜的餐厅大相径庭。