The Chop Chop Club is Paul Pairet’s restaurant for UNÏCO Shanghai. Renowned for his creativity and innovation, Pairet showcases the roots of home cooking here, serving dishes at the time of their absolute best. Meticulously selected ingredients are allowed to shine with a minimum of theatrical frills and fuss. The Chop Chop Club recalls the ambience of a bustling family meal, with warmth in table setting and service.

The Chop Chop Club,是Paul Pairet 为 UNÏCO Shanghai 打造的餐厅。 素来锐意创新、独辟蹊径的Pairet,藉此寻根家常烹饪的真谛,让美食在它们最鲜美的时刻与食客 邂逅。食材精挑细选,烹制返璞归真,美味浑若天成。餐桌布置与侍者服务温馨周到,The Chop Chop Club重现家庭欢聚时的熙熙攘攘与欢声笑语。

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