SAGBSAGB, on Friday March 30th, is gathering the DJ force for a one night blast at UNÏCO Shanghai.

Clémie, Jolie, Soic Miterne, Keint and Jibé are bringing a full-on flambé of handsome jiggling party people for a journey into a sexy universe that will swallow you whole and never let you return.

These guys have gathered vintage boomboxes for an alternative party concept that pulls together tasty beats music, art, photography and creativity into a force majeure that will have you dropping your petit pois on the dancefloor.

Spread the love and make bisous!

#UnicoShanghai #SuperAttractiveGhettoBlaster #Timeless #Popular #OldSchool #FeelLike18again”

NINE THIRTY Special Offer: Gin&Tonic Free Flow, from 9:30PM to 10:30PM

No Cover Charge 

Table booking please contact: solenedns (wechat) or 186 2132 5397