Birth control is usually done by using the pills now a days. There are also some other methods for contraceptive pills that are used for the people to control birth. The birth is usually controlled in many ways likeĀ emergency contraception pill placing the copper t wire into the vagina. The copper t wire is small and is present in mm. The wire is inserted into the vagina and is used for control the birth. There are also few pills that are usually given for controlling the birth.there are three types of pills namely

  • Birth control pills
  • Combination pills
  • Emergency pills
  • Morning pills

emergency contraception pill

Among them the emergency pill is given for the people who had unprotected sex and doesn’t want pregnancy. So such people usually take the pill to control the birth. So in that cases emergency case the pills are given and this helps to take the pill. The pill is given to patient to control the pregnancy. The pills are usually given for controlling the pregnancy. The pills helps to prevent the egg to get fertilized and this is most important for the conceiving.

The government has given few times for emergency conception that are usually recommended to use the pills during the work. The emergency conception is usually given for the birth to control the birth. There are also few reason’s for contradictions during the treatment. In the national reproductive time the pills are usually given for getting the pills and gibing the pills back. After using the ill with in few days the menses for and it will helps us to conclude the success of the pill. We may think the pill may effect our uterus but it wont effect any health in further conditions. So every time the health condition is taken care by following good packaged type for pills during the time before period.